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Travel Tips

Jordan in profile


General information

In 1921 HRH Emir Abdullah Ibn Al Hussein secured recognition for the Emirate of Transjordan, which became fully established in 1923. Full independence was achieved on May, 1946. In 1950, the country became the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

The total area of Jordan is about 89297 km 2 and the population is about 6 million.

Amman is the capital of Jordan with a population of about 2.5 million.

Entry requirements

Visas for individuals and groups of all nationalities (with some exceptions - please refer to us or to any Jordanian Consulate) are issued upon arrival at any port of entry in Jordan upon presentation of your passport.

Crossing from Jerusalem to Amman via King Hussein Bridge (Allenby Bridge) previous visa is required.

Collective free visa for groups (minimum 5 pax staying in Jordan minimum 2 consecutive nights) are free of charge from any port or border.  


Jordan’s economy is based on agriculture, light industries, mineral resources and tourism services. Phosphate and potash resources account for 40% of export earnings.


A Mediterranean climate, which is characterized by warm to hot, dry summers and mild to cool, wet winters. Average temperature during the day in Amman, May to October 25-30 degrees and in winter 12-15 degrees Celsius. Some days the temperature drops when Jordan is affected by a cold front from Europe or Siberia. The temperature goes below zero and it snows in some areas 2-4 times a year.

Clothing : Medium to heavy in winter, light in spring and summer.

Always make sure that you carry a jumper for going out in the evening as the nights during the summer can be sometimes windy and chilly.

Religions : Islam and Christianity.

Language: Arabic is the main language and English is considered as 2nd language.

Measures: Metric units

Time: + 3 hours GMT,

Electricity: 220 volts, 50 cycles AC standard through the country.

Currency: Jordanian Dinar which presently is equivalent to USD $ 1.40

Exchange facilities

Are available at all points of entry and hotels. Rates are displayed and you may wish to ask for a receipt. There are no restrictions on visitors to bring in or take out foreign currencies. Familiarize yourself with exchanging rates published in daily newspapers. Banks: open from 8:30 am till 3:00 pm (Sunday-Thursday)


Handicrafts and gift shops are found in most shopping centers and in hotels. Shops are opened Saturday - Thursday from 9:00 am till 8:00 pm and shopping Malls till 10:00 pm. Malls also open on Fridays.

Shopping in Amman is easy for tourists and most shop assistants are able to communicate in English.

Food and drink

There are many fine restaurants that offer a wide selection of Arabic, European and Eastern cuisine. Some of the main Jordanian traditional dishes are: Mansaf, Musakhan, Maglouba and Shish Kabab. Most famous sweets are Baklawa, Kunafa and Awama.

Arabic black coffee is an important symbol and it is very common to be offered.

Alcohol is served in most restaurants and bars except during Ramadan (can be served in hotel rooms). The Holy Month of Ramadan is observed by abstention from food and drink in the public during daylight.


In Amman range from Arabian to Asian, Italian to Mexican, French to Japanese. Whilst on tour, the choice may be limited. Enroot restaurants and rest-houses are spread all over with very reasonable meal prices.

Transportation around Jordan:

Good modern system of roads and highways cover the whole country. International road signs are used and distances are shown in kilometers.

Transportation in Amman:

Taxis are very popular way of transportation in Amman and are inexpensive. The regular taxis have yellow color and work on meter. Please make sure that the meter is switch on. Average charge for travelling inside Amman is maximum 3-4 JD.

The taxi drivers know most of the hotels but is recommended to carry with you a business card of hotel you are staying at.

Rent a car:

A driving license valid in the holder’s country of origin is usually accepted. Petrol filling stations are numerous and are conveniently located on all main roads throughout the country.

Unleaded 95 gasoline is available at 1 JD per 1 liter (Subject to increase)   


Is a way of showing your satisfaction with service rendered. Tips to coach driver, guide and the hotel personnel are not included in the package and left to your discretion.