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Ajloun Forest Reserve

Ajloun, Jordan

Located in the Ajloun Highlands in the north of Jordan, this beautiful nature reserve consists of 13 km2 of rolling hill country dominated by open woodlands that are home to a diverse collection of plant and animal species. The rich greenery makes Ajloun a popular spot for picnickers and hikers, especially in the spring, when the reserve is coated in a wide variety of wildflowers.
Ajloun Forest Reserve was established in 1987 to help conserve the important Evergreen Oak forest ecosystem. Its trees account for a significant part of Jordan's forested area, which covers only about 1% of the country.
After the reserves establishment, RSCN initiated a captive breeding program aiming to reintroduce the locally extinct Roe Deer in 1988, RSCN has managed to release a number of Roe Deer into the reserve, where they have continued to grow within their natural habitat.

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