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Hammam Assarah



Hammam Assarah, Jordan is one of the most beautiful desert castles. The wonderful desert castles are the major attractions of Jordan which draws a lot of tourists from all over the world. The desert castles were built by the Ummayad dynasty that were used for a variety of purposes. Situated 2 km to the west of Qasr Al-Hallabat. The plan of Hammam Assarah (Assarah Bath Complex) is strikingly similar to Qusayr Amra, though its masonry has a better finishing and its courses are more tightly joined. Its plan, like Amra, consists of 3 principal elements: The Audience Hall, The Bath Complex, and The Hydraulic Structures.
These are splendid monuments and you must definitely visit those while you are on tours to the city. One of the must-see places in the region is the Hammam Assarah, Jordan.
The desert castles served a variety of purposes. These were used as retreats by the rulers of the region when they were wearied of the busy city life. These were also used by the many government officials when they were travailing to Hejaz. Hammam Assarah, Jordan is located at the western end of Qasr Al-Hallabat. The design of this structure bears close resemblance to the famous Qusayr Amra. The masonry of the former is however better finished than the latter.
There are three main elements in the design of the Hammam Assarah, Jordan. These include: the many hydraulic structures, the huge bath complex and the large audience hall. There are three tunnel vaults that are located on the top of the audience hall. These tunnel vaults rest on the sidewalls. It also rests on the two transverse arches. There is a beautiful fountain which is located at the northeastern end of the complex. This fountain received its water from a high tank which is located on the eastern side of the monument. The bath comprises three large rooms. There are hot, warm and cold rooms.
Hammam Assarah, Jordan was severely damaged in the early 1950s when it was pilfered by the people of the region for the many stones it was believed to house. You must definitely visit this site while you are on tours to the place. You would be able to familiarize yourself with the architectural designs of the Ummayads while you are exploring the place. This monument is a rich testimony of the early Islamic art and you are sure to have a great time visiting the monument. This is one of the most visited castles among the many desert castles that are scattered throughout the region.

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