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The Roman Amphitheater

Amman, Jordan

The Roman Amphitheater
An imposing monument set into the side of the mountain down the hill from the Citadel and connected to it via long and deep hidden tonnel. It is the most impressive legacy of Roman Philadelphia (Amman) built under Emperor Antoninus Pius (138-161 AD).

Its 33 rows once seated 5000 spectators for performances and possibly also had religious significance. It is still in regular use for theatrical and entertainment productions. The Forum was built in front of the Theater under Commodus in 189-190 AD.


The Odeon
Adjacent to the theater and set on the east side of the Forum is the Odeon. It dates back to the late 2nd century AD. The lower seats of this monument, which could accommodate up to 500 spectators, have been restored and it is used occasionally for concerts.

Roman cities always contained ornamental fountains, where water has always played such an important role, and Philadelphia was no exception. The main fountain or Nymphaeum, dedicated to the water nymphs, is close to the theater complex and dates back to 191 AD.

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