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Top 10 Places To Visit In Amman

Amman, Jordan

Just like any other city in the world, Amman has its own charm. It may be a small region, but there are plenty of best places to visit in Amman that’ll encourage you to linger for a while before heading to Petra and Wadi Rum. The capital is relatively young but it’s an interesting medley of ancient ruins and modern society is sure to attract you.

The hilly capital of Jordan boasts countless attractions and places to visit that connect tourists with the local culture and get them excited about what else the country has to offer. It's an underrated destination worth at least a few days in your itinerary.

Here are the Top 10 Places to Visit in Amman, which are worth visiting on an Amman trip:

1. Amman Citadel

Also known as Jabal Al Qal'a, the place has been an important human settlement area for about 18,000 years. Citadel hill contains the ruins of the Temple of Hercules. Another sight here is the Ummayad palace, constructed in the 8th century A.D. but it is now in ruins, though the entrance has been partially reconstructed. It also contains a Byzantine Church which dates to the 5 _ and 6th centuries A.D. and the National Archaeological Museum.

The museum houses a small yet interesting collection of artifacts from all eras all over Jordan, the most famous of which are The Dead Sea Scrolls. It houses exhibits that are as old as the Palaeolithic era (1000 _ 10000 years old) to the 13th century A.D.

2. Roman Theater

When it comes to things to do in Amman, swinging by the Roman Theater is high on the list – and for good reason. The antique attraction perfectly blends historic Jordanian heritage with the city's vibrant modern-day life.

A 20-minute walk from the Amman Citadel, the restored Roman Theater deepens tourists' understanding of what Amman may have been like when the city went by the name "Philadelphia," nearly 2,000 years ago. The architectural masterpiece features a set of steep, curving stairs that can seat up to 6,000 people. Interestingly, the amphitheater was built to face the north in order to offer some sun protection for its spectators. Get here early in the day for the best lighting for photos.

3. Royal Automobile Museum

Whether you're a die-hard car enthusiast or you have a passion for road trips, you'll find it easy to enjoy the Royal Automobile Museum in the northern suburbs of Amman. Established in 2003, the relatively young museum showcases former King of Jordan Hussein bin Talal's rare cavalcade of cars and other vehicles from around the world.

4. Wild Jordan Centre

Wild Jordan Centre is not one of the ancient places in Amman. It’s a cafe owned by the Royal Society to save nature. The serene and modern cafe has a beautiful location overlooking Amman’s skyline. You can spend a peaceful evening with your companion here.

5. Amman National Park

The Amman National Park is a beautiful and serene forested area just south of Amman. It is an excellent place for walking or jogging, a picnic with friends or family, and putting up a barbeque. Horse riding and camel riding are also available within the park. The view of the City Hall from the park in the evening is stunning. Another attraction to see is the Tall al-Umayri ruins, dating back to the Bronze Age, located nearby.

6. Zaha Cultural Center

The Zaha Cultural Center is in Liwa’ al Jami‘ah, Amman, Jordan. It offers a variety of interactive activities such as art, dance, music, sports, and cognitive development. In addition, there is a sports ground and a playground where children can engage in sports, play on the carousels or swings, ride bumper cars, etc.

The center has a Little Musicians Academy where children are taught the violin, guitar, keyboard, ballet, debka, etc. At its Academy for Artistic Creativity, courses like Dough Crafts, Puppet Shows, and The Little Innovative teach children to make copper crafts, candles, mosaics, and sand paintings. Many of the arts and handicrafts made by the children are sold at the Zaha Shop on the premises.

7. Jordan Museum

No trip to Amman is complete without a thorough look at the Jordan Museum's illuminating exhibitions. The collection at this world-class institution, located in a modern building next to City Hall, brings Jordanian culture and history to life, starting with the country's earliest known inhabitants. The museum tells the story of Jordan through three permanent galleries. The Traditional Life Gallery explores urban, rural, and Bedouin lifestyles through displays of residences and traditional costumes.

8. King Abdullah I Mosque

The King Abdullah I Mosque in Amman is the most beautiful place to visit in Amman. Built between 1982 and 1986, the mosque is a marvelous example of modern Islamic design. It has an incredibly gorgeous blue dome where 3,000 devotees can pray. There’s a museum inside the mosque where a pottery collection and photographs of His Majesty King Abdullah I are kept.

9. Al-Husseini Mosque

For a city with so many ancient treasures, it's hard to believe that Amman's oldest mosque, Al-Husseini Mosque, was built less than a century ago as the first major architectural project of the Jordanian kingdom. However, its history runs deep – King Abdullah I built the pink-and-white stone structure on the site where a mosque constructed in 640 CE once stood. What's more, that spot is also believed to be the former location of the Cathedral of Philadelphia.

10. Rainbow Street

Rainbow Street is the place to see and be seen in Amman. The famous road, which can be found in the historic district of Jabal Amman, offers a relaxing space for pedestrians to escape Amman's chaotic traffic and explore a part of the capital by foot.

Rainbow Street is liveliest on Thursday nights when Jordanians officially kick off their weekend, but there are still plenty of things to do on this tourist-friendly promenade on any afternoon of the week. Boost your energy with a cup of tea at one of the lovely cafés that line Rainbow Street, such as Turtle Green Tea Bar or Jara Cafe. Or, tuck into a delicious (and refreshingly cheap) lunch – Al Quds whips up succulent meats marinated in yogurt sauce. Save some room for dessert at Gerard Ice Cream.

Besides these, there is much more to see in Amman!!!

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